«One decade of television fiction in ibero-america. analysis of 10 years of Obitel (2007-2016)»

The current Obitel Yearbook is the 11th volume of a series started in 2007. Since then, the OBITEL established itself in the Ibero-American Communication studies field as an international research network that produces quantitative and qualitative analysis with the main objective to identify through comparative study, similarities, characteristics, adaptations, appropriations among the various national television narratives produced and displayed in the region. The theme for this Yearbook 2017 is One decade of Television Fiction in Ibero-America. Analysis of Ten Years of Obitel (2007-2016), aiming to understand the modifications identified in the telefictional narratives over the 10 years of this collective research. It presents a complex overview of the development of the television fiction in this geopolitical space of fundamental, symbolical and material expression, both global and local.
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