Junior doctoral researcher | focus on Science Communication

Job offer for a Junior doctoral researcher (with exclusivity clause) for
three years in Communication Sciences, with special focus on
Science Communication.

Research activities will be carried out at the Center for Communication
and Culture Studies (CECC), part of the School of Human Sciences of
Universidade Católica Portuguesa, in Lisbon, under CECC’s funding
programme (UIDP/00126/2020).

The appointed researcher shall actively contribute to the development of
the strategic plan defined for the Center for Communication and Culture
Studies for the 2019-2024 sexennium, and shall propose projects in the
areas of Culture Studies or Literary Studies and carry out initiatives
aimed at increasing the Center’s internationalization. Duties include:
developing and monitoring scientific projects, enhancing research
networks and submitting projects to national and international
competitions between 2021 and 2024; organizing workshops, conferences
and seminars during the contract term.

Applications are welcome from 20/09/2021 until 30/09/2021 (at 5pm,
Lisbon time).


Gross monthly pay is €2,128.34 plus meal allowance, to which will be
added annual holiday and Christmas allowances.

Eligibility criteria

The following may apply: any national, foreign or stateless candidates
who hold a PhD in Communication Sciences or related scientific
fields and who furthermore hold a scientific and professional CV that
reveals a profile appropriate to the activities to be developed.

Selection process

Assessment criteria are as follows: scientific production and its
relevance; the quality, topicality and impact of academic path;
participation in scientific projects and conferences; scientific
outreach and knowledge transfer activities; and any other relevant
activity and experience.
In the assessment of candidates’ scientific and professional path, the
following aspects shall be taken into consideration: research
experience; fluency in English and Portuguese, both written and spoken;
experience in preparing, submitting and managing research projects;
degree of initiative and autonomy shown in conducting scientific work.
The final candidate classification shall be given on a scale of 0 to
100. This value shall be invariably calculated taking into account that,
for each item, only those activities relevant to the field of the
present invitation to tender are to be considered, with the following

Scientific and curricular path (SP)

Scientific output: 60%;

Collaboration in scientific projects: 10%;

Project management experience: 5%

Experience in outreach activities and knowledge transfer: 5%

Research plan: 20%

An interview (I) will be conducted with the top three placed candidates,
intended to clarify aspects related to their scientific and professional
Interviewed candidates will be awarded a new classification in addition
to the one initially indicated, based on the following formula:
Final classification = 90% (SP) + 10% (I)

Additional comments

How to apply:
Candidates must send a motivation letter in digital format to the
following address: concursos.cecc@fch.lisboa.ucp.pt
Applications must include the following documentation:


Research Plan (The plan must include the activities that the candidate
intends to develop at CECC during the funding term);

PhD completion certificate, with indication of date of completion.

Where the PhD degree has been awarded by a foreign Higher Education
institution, said degree must comply with the provisions of Portuguese
legislation regarding recognition of foreign degrees, as set out in
Decree-Law no. 66/2018 of 16 August. Entering into a contract with the
selected candidate is conditional on the submission of the formal document.
For additional information on this matter candidates are advised to
consult the website of the Directorate-General for Higher Education (DGES):

For more details visit: