Las empresas más innovadoras en el sector de los medios

La revista Fast Company ha publicado su ranking anual de empresas más innovadoras del mundo, que está encabezado por Apple, Netflix y Square. En el sector de los medios son:
The Washington Post – For bringing Amazonian ambition to news
Patreon – For making creativity pay
Bleacher Report – For connecting with sports fans on every platform
Gimlet Media – For giving its podcasts the Hollywood treatment
First Look Media – For producing hard-hitting journalism while expanding its reach
The Information – For thriving without digital advertising
Crooked Media – For turning punditry into an actionable, entertaining experience
Anchor – For making podcasting accessible to all
Cheddar – For becoming a «post-cable» financial lifestyle network
Axios – For breaking through the digital media clutter with short, smart content.
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