«Emotions, Media and Politics»

The book primarily deals with three key words: Emotions, media, and politics. However, the major argument of the book is to understand how emotions arc being mediated in our everyday life with a particular reference to politics. The author also states a dearth of scholarship about emotion across disciplines. Her focus is on how journalism and media scholarship in particular have been very slow to accommodate emotion as part of its scholarship. Basically, the book showcases the neglected approach that is presented to emotion and how it is essential in our social and political lives. The author also aflirms that emotion has always been treated as an adversary to rational thinking. Moving forward, the author zeroed in on emotion and how it always works as an undercurrent in the journalism practices as well as political lives.
Karin Wahl-Jorgensen. Medford, MA: Polity Press, 2018, 220 pp., ISBN No. 978-0-745-66104-9. Review here.