Becas/Proyectos de Investigácion INESC Porto

INESC Porto es una institución de Investigación y Desarrollo avanzados, en Porto, Portugal. Estamos buscando a jóvenes investigadores becarios con un perfil de acuerdo con las especificaciones en los anuncios anexos:

* BI/90065/DINAMIC_UESP *-  Description of the work to be carried out: Development of activities within the project INTERREG SUDOE Dinamic, dedicated to the promotion of projects of technological innovation in industry:

-selection of dinamizadores
-selection of companies
-development and monitoring of the training program -monitoring of actions to be developed in companies by the dinamizadores -maintenance of the project site -support to project management
– Benchmarking Exercises
– organization and development of proposals to QREN

* BI/90066/CONSULT_UESP -* Description of the work plan to be carried out: Developement of Industrial Reorganisation Projects and Implementation of Information Systems.  Study of methodologies for factory lay outs reorganisation and selection and implementation of planning and production management strategies in production by order and prodcution for stock scenario.

* BI/90067/Portal Douro_USIC*  – Description of the work to be carried out: Portal Douro aims to ensure the integration, ordering, organization and management of geo content on the Douro region in the various thematic areas relevant to tourism. Much more than a repository of information, it will provide a wide range of services to a vast number of users through easy access, interactive, integrated and dynamic.
Study and analysis of the concepts involved in spatial databases and Web publishing of spatial information. Development of Web components for space research content, integrate it with the component of spatial visualization of the portal .
Development of specific applications to integrate the portal in order to provide advanced features such as dynamic services based on user profiles and geo-referencing of content, virtual communities, selection and dynamic personalized content as well as enrichment and creation of new content.

* BIC/90068/PALCO 3.0 _LIAAD  *- Description of the work to be carried out: The grantee will be part of a team whose aim is to design and add self-adaptive functionalities to an existing commercial website, as well as a tool to monitor the activity in the website. The grantee will participate in the design of these functionalities and tools and will be responsible for the task of implementing, evaluating and documenting them.

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