Invitación a enviar trabajos para la 8th NOLAN Conference “Struggles over resources in Latin America”


The Organizing Committee invites proposals for papers in English, Portuguese or Spanish, for The 8th NOLAN Conference “Struggles over resources in Latin America”, to be held at the University of Helsinki in June 11-13, 2015.  Our aim is to bring together scholars from interdisciplinary backgrounds from the social sciences and humanities to discuss the following topics:

Politics of extractivism
Resources, sustainability and conflict
Media, power struggles and representations
Violence, security and social order
Latin American inequalities
Latin America in world politics
Gender Struggles in Latin America
Present and past wisdoms and knowledges

A complete list of panels can be found under the menu with the same name. If you are a doctoral student and wish to apply for a travel grant, you must submit your application as an attached file. Requirements can be found under “Travel Grants”.

Proposals of no more than 1600 characters must be submitted using the form below no later than March 30. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by April 15.

Puedes ver más información aquí.